(2015-2017, Iran)

Gereh (Kont) in my childhood was eagerness, which became entangled in my memory. The knot of my grandmother’s scarf. She tied her flowery scarf with a sweet knot.

Many years after, the knot of my grandmother’s scarf and knots I saw everywhere, turned into stories and continue to do so. 13 years ago in Iran, I spent days and months in Tehran reliving and listening to those stories, and putting the stories in pictures so that they may be seen and read …, to become the eternal knot.

As I saw them over and over…

An ‘amorous knot’, a ‘tired knot’, a ‘young knot’, an ‘old knot’, a ‘sad knot’, a ‘pretty knot’, and knots which today and every day are tied and untied, to resemble the one who have tied and untied them.

As a result, I consider the photos of the knots not only a work of light on paper, but a phenomenon, which is derived from thoughts, existence, and non-existence; the must and must nots.